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Archive Last Updated on November 22, 2019

Yep, we're back after a 15-year break. All your favorite code created in dusty Liberty BASIC 2.0! As I have time, I may update these to the latest version of LB. - David

All of the code on this page is released to the public domain by the original author. Anyone may download, use, modify, post or sell this code with or without giving credit to or obtaining permission from the author.

Latest updates:

Category: Programming

  • Code Beautifier - November 2019 - Updated for LB4.5 - Clean up your old Liberty BASIC code. This makes your code easier to read and more uniform in appearance.
  • November 2019 - Bitmap-to-LB - November 2019 Updated for LB4.5 - Convert any bitmap into Liberty BASIC code. This makes extremely large code files, but the drawing effect is interesting. Works best on smaller bitmaps.
  • Cryptor - (LB3,4) DLL and demonstration Liberty BASIC code for light encryption. It's fast and free.
  • Function Finder - Scan a directory of Liberty BASIC programs for the FUNCTION and SUB routines. Great for building a library of reusable code.
  • LB Paint - (LB4) Award-winning painting program. Draw on the screen and get LB code for that picture to insert into your program.
  • MapFoundry - (LB2) Create graphical user interfaces for LB2 with this visual designer. Put your own fancy graphics on the window and map mouseover and click hot spots for your program.
  • PageFoundry - (LB3) WYSIWYG webpage-creation program. Similar to IMS Webdwarf.
  • Shortcuts - (LB2) Look up, cut and paste any Liberty BASIC 2.0 command.

Category: Bible Applications

  • Tiny Audio Bible - (LB4, includes EXE) This program is the world's smallest audio Bible (only 2.35MB) and, as with everything else here, it's FREE and includes the source code. It uses Microsoft text-to-speech technology to convert God's Word into audio files.
  • BibleFoundry 2.0A3 - (LB4, includes EXE) Last alpha of BibleFoundry 2.0. Development has since ceased.

Category: BibleFoundry 1.0 and Add-On Modules

  • Entire BibleFoundry package in one ZIP file
  • BibleFoundry 1.0 - (LB3, includes EXE) BibleFoundry 1.0: An electronic American Standard Translation Bible with Matthew Henry's Commentary. Tools include scripture and commentary search, personal chapter notes and bookmarks.
  • Download - American Standard Bible Module
  • Download - Nave's Tobical Bible Module
  • Download - Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary Module
  • Download - Map Viewer Plug-in (needed to view map modules)
  • Download - 8 high-resolution Bible Maps Module
  • Download - Bible Map Pack 1 (16 maps and images) Module
  • Download - Bible Map Pack 2 (16 maps and images) Module
  • Download - Bible Map Pack 3 (16 maps and images) Module
  • Download - Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary Module
  • Download - Luther's Translation of the Bible (German) Module
  • Download - Darby's Translation of the Bible (French) Module
  • Download - Spanish Translation of the Bible (Spanish) Module
  • Download - Easton's Bible Dictionary Module

Category: Media

Category: Games

  • Alvin Elf - November 2019 - Updated for LB4 and LB5 alpha - Christmas game. Help Alvin Elf deliver gifts to all the good boys and girls.
  • Asteroids: Tie Fighter - November 2019 - Updated for LB4 (Thanks, Rod!) - Full-blown Asteroids game with a Star Wars feel.
  • Boggle - (LB3,4) Can you beat the computer finding words in the letter jumble?
  • Breakout - (LB3) Simple Breakout clone.
  • Lingo - (LB3,4) Seen the Lingo word game on TV? Here it is for Liberty BASIC.
  • FlashCards - (LB3,4) Talking addition and subtraction flash card game for kids.
  • Froggie Run - (LB3,4) Frogger-type game... Original music and graphics.
  • LB Hockey - (LB3) Play Pong against the computer.
  • Primate Barrel Roller - November 2019 - Updated for LB4 (Thanks, Rod!) - Donkey Kong-like game.
  • Star Trek - (LB1,2,3,4) Star Trek, the Text Generation. Classic text Star Trek game.
  • Word Search Maker - (LB2,3,4) Create word search puzzles.
  • Yippee - November 2019 - Updated for LB4.5 and LB 5 alpha - Yatzee clone.

Category: Demonstration Code

  • Fireworks - (LB4) Award-winning fireworks demonstration. Watch the pyrotechnics over Tokyo.
  • Piece O' Pie - (LB4) Make professional-looking pie charts.
  • Polygon Area - (LB3,4) Calculate the area inside of any polygon.
  • Scheduler - (LB3,4) Text calendar and schedule progam.
  • Tip-Of-The-Day - (LB3,4) Add tip-of-the-day capabilities to your Liberty BASIC program with this code.

Category: Other